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About Me

I work out of Ducat Chiropractic and Sports Medicine.   Before becoming a licensed massage therapist, I spent over ten years working as a lifestyle coach and meditation instructor. I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative nutrition, a school out of NYC that certifies its graduates in Holistic Health Coaching. I hold a bachelor’s degree in fine art and, most importantly, I became a mom in 2013. I am a graduate of Elgin Community College’s Massage Therapy Program.

I was yearning for a way to bring my life experience into a profession that follows ethical standards, one in which I could feel a sense of integrity while supporting my clients into health. I have an innate, empathic sense that wants to support people on a path towards self-awareness and self-empowerment.  Over the years I learned that I am highly intuitive, creative and compassionate. Becoming a licensed massage therapist completed me. My massage license is my ticket into doing the work I have always dreamed of doing with people.  Thank you for your interest in working with me. Massage Therapy is amazing because it works!


There’s no agenda on my end other than your peace of mind. You’re in charge.  The massage experience is based on you and your goals. We’re a team – I will work with you on any area you need relief in.

deep relaxation

 I will help guide you toward focusing on the sensations of relaxation; which will take your massage experience to a new level.



Your body wants to be in balance, naturally. Getting a massage will support your body into the healing that it wants. 


I help my clients feel self empowered by encouraging simple self care recommendations.




deep tissue

hot stone



trigger point


gua shua

cbd oil


“Great opportunity to relax and reduce tension, aches and pains. Roxana does an excellent job in getting into painful areas and getting balance restored. Highly recommend utilizing her massages for every day wear and tear or if you exercise regularly. She does great work!!”

– Lauren Mueller

“Best massage ever! First time I haven’t had pain in my neck after a car accident in 2015!

– Pam Fogel








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